Sk. Tajbir

Software Development Enthusiast

Recent Activities

Setup a new MacOS workstation with brand new Macbook Pro 2019 and 24 Inch HP EliteDisplay monitor.

Went on a holiday to Malaysia for 10 days with my family.

Went on a holiday to Thailand for 6 days with my family.

Completed Master's degree on Computer Science, major in Software Engineering.

Started full time freelancing as a Senior Full Stack Developer.

Promoted to Technical Lead at InsigntIn Technology (formarly known as Desme)


With 9+ years of working as a software engineer, technical lead and architect, Sk. Tajbir brings a deep understanding of enterprise software, management, and technical strategy to any project. He has extensive experience in full stack development, both on mobile platforms and web architectures (client and server side).

He writes code that can be maintained and expanded over time as business systems and requirements adapt to market demands or pivots in core business direction. He is obsessed with learning newer and better technologies to bring the best solutions to all products and ideas. He possesses a vast range of skills in many different technologies, designs, and methods of execution.

Did you know

Bangladesh is the second most favourite country in supplying online labourers, according to a study of the Oxford Internet Institute (OII).

Bangladesh has their own satellite which is known as Bangabandhu-1, launched on 13 May, 2018.




What I Do

Custom Solutions

Full stack application solutions includes:

  • - Web Application
  • - Desktop Application
  • - Android App
  • - iOS App
  • - Domain and Hosting
  • - Support and Maintenance

E-Commerce Solutions

Unique design and highly customizable online shops are delivered in short time.

  • - Website Design
  • - Shopify
  • - Android App
  • - NopCommerce
  • - Custom E-Commerce

ERP Solutions

ERP solutions are given to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. Solutions including:

  • - Poing of Sale (POS)
  • - Accounting Module
  • - Android App
  • - Employee Management
  • - Project Management

Other Solutions

Big and complex projects are made easy using these solutions:

  • - Cloud Platform
  • - Big Data Analytics
  • - Android App
  • - Machine Learning
  • - Software Architecture
  • - Agile Implementation


Technical session on building a rich web application at DotNetters Tech Summit 2015- NUB

  • DotNetters
  • My Presentation
  • NUB
  • Rich Web Application
  • Single Page Application
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Callback function after Angular finished data binding

  • Angular JS
  • Directive
  • Callback Function
  • Javascript
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Technical Session on Single Page Application at DotNetters Tech Summit 2015- RUET

  • DotNetters
  • My Presentation
  • RUET
  • Single Page Application
  • SPA
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