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Welcome to my website. Here you’ll get to know about my work, article, projects and my story. So let me start by telling something about me.

I’ve been very curious about computer and technologies from the beginning of my life. But my real work started in 2011. In that year I've started working on .Net framework and developed a desktop application in C# named NoseOp for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 and my team scored one of the top 6 teams of Bangladesh. NoseOp is an application for physically disable person to operate computer easily and do everyday work. In that year NoseOp brought 1st prize in software exhibition of American International University - Bangladesh's(AIUB) Software Engineering day.

After that I've started working on Asp.Net and developed several websites which are now running successfully in different countries. I’ve also developed some jQuery plugin and made some custom plugin for different websites as well. I’m very passionate in new web technologies and try to implement them in my projects. I’m also intersted in algorithm, design patterns and principle, software lifycycle etc. Browse my website to know more about me. Thank you :)

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My Desk Getting Employee of the Year 2013 award from Desme Bangladesh Getting Award at Imagine Cup Bangladesh 2011 Attened Seminar Getting Award from AIUB

If you like to learn or talk about technology or just want to say hi then fill out the form and hit submit.

Also if you want an Asp.Net Website with Custom CMS and Admin Panel or Custom jQuery Plugin for your website then contact me. I usually like to do innovative projects with lots of challenge. Also let me know for any Web Design or Brand Design work as well.

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